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For all booking inquiries please read the following information and when my books are open, fill in the booking request form below.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

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Booking Process

I am currently booking in two month intervals, with the books opening around the last week of every second month. I will send out a newsletter to my subscribers and post on social media to announce dates. For all booking requests please fill in the booking form below. The books will be open for one week or until all appointments are filled. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to accomodate everyone as there are limited spaces. If you do not include all required information in the booking request, it may not be considered.


After sending your booking request please allow up to two weeks for a response, there is no need to send follow up emails. My assistant will respond to every request and you will receive an automated email containing any important information and answering frequently asked questions. Be sure to check your email including junk mail for a response so you don’t miss out on an appointment. Please do not send booking requests while the books are closed.


Priority will be given to continuing work and pieces that are best suited to my style and interests. Bookings are based off the design idea and creative freedom, I ask that my clients trust in my skill and experience and remain flexible on the design elements, in particular size. I will occasionally post available designs or flash to my social media and these will also be given priority. I tattoo custom pieces of my own design and in my style only. My work is best described as illustrative and I primarily tattoo in the blackwork etching style, however, I am happy to tattoo in colour or smooth black and grey. I particularly enjoy tattooing fantastical and mythological creatures, occult imagery, retro sci-fi art, intricate botanicals and animals, as well as cross-hatch portraits.


As I tattoo within particular styles, I cannot accomodate every tattoo request, this is not personal. I strive to deliver the highest quality work for my clients and it is important to create work I believe in. If I feel that a design or idea is not suited to my style or focus, I am happy to refer you to another artist and I highly recommend my talented colleagues at FLT Tattoo Studio. Please be sure to look at my work and the styles I do before sending a booking request, there are many amazing artists and each of them will have their own personal style and preferences for subject matter, so there is an artist for everyone.


For more information about getting tattooed by me please see the FAQs here

Books Closed

My books are currently closed to appointments. However, I open my books every two months, so please keep an eye on my social media and subscribe to my mailing list for announcements.

Thank you.