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I have always had a drive to create and a passion for the arts, however, over the last decade I've been solely focused on my work as a tattoo artist and studio owner, which left very little time to explore my practice outside of tattooing. In the past couple of years and in particular, since the pandemic forced a temporary departure from tattooing, I have had the opportunity to make personal art once again and further develop my artistic voice.


I have long been drawn to intaglio printmaking techniques, and am heavily influenced by scientific, botanical and medical illustrations and etchings, as well as the works of artists such as Dürer and Doré. I also specialise in etching style tattoos and am known for my crosshatch portraits, you will see all of these techniques influence my work. Having grown up playing in my Grandmother's ceramic studio, I also have a fondness for clay and am currently studying a Diploma of Ceramics at Newcastle Art School, taking particular influence from the intricately incised wares of the Martin Brothers.


I work primarily with pen and ink or pencil on paper, but as a multidisciplinary artist, you will also see examples of painting, intaglio printmaking, digital media and ceramics in this gallery.

For enquiries, purchases or commissions please email me to For prints or merchandise please see my store. And to keep up to date with my most recent work, please visit my Instagram or Facebook pages.

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