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Hunter Emerging Art Prize

Elixir of Life

Newcastle Art Space
Newcastle, NSW Australia
March 2023

On Friday the 31st March 2023 at Newcastle Art Space, I was awarded the Hunter Emerging Art Prize for Works on Paper with my piece "Elixir of Life".


"Elixir of Life" aims to connect with the audience through a familiar fantastical and magical landscape resembling an antique book plate or etching, with subject inspired by a popular literary series. My crosshatching and stippling technique is influenced by the lines and textures achieved by intaglio printmaking and the composition is influenced by Splendor Solis (Trismosin, 1582) and other alchemical images.
In exploring the morally questionable sacrifices required to extend life in this fantasy, at the expense of innocence, I was lead to consider the impact of the book series on marginalised groups, due to the authors transphobia. Participating in that fandom, potentially contributes to the immortality of the works, at the expense of the trans community. These discussions are complex and make us question where we draw the line between fantasy escapism and real life allyship.

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