Frequently Asked Questions

Who is GV TIPS?

Hi As a former professional gambler turned tipster I knew what was required to beat the bookies so I started to manually work out the required formula but quickly found as the number of criteria increased that it wasnt possible to make the sheer number of calculations on a larger scale so I developed software to do the work for us. Due to my success as a professional gambler I have been restricted both online and in the high street shops so I can no longer place bets myself with any bookmakers hence why I started the betting service.

Do you keep a profit / loss record?


  1. All of our results have been recorded daily on our forum over a 5 year period - WIN or LOSE
  2. We always deduct R4 deductions
  3. All of our services results show profit , strike rate and most importantly return on investment ROI.
  4. Recorded over a 5 year period 2014 - 2021 to prove profitability. (PROVEN VALUE)

Do you back your own tips?

Yes We have backed the tips for over a decade but due to being successful we have limited options now due to being restricted online and with most high street bookmakers.

Do I need to back all of the alerts?

No Just back what you can when you can and dont worry if you miss a winner as you will miss losers too so over time it will balance out. All the tips have a proven value rating so you know what the expected return will be in the long term.

What size betting bank is required?

We advise a 100pt bank so if you are doing £5 stakes you would need a £500 bank.

Which alerts should I follow?

All the alerts are profitable so just pick the alerts that best suit your betting requirements and the times you are free to place the bets , my own personal approach is just to back all the alerts whenever I have time. All the alerts have a PROVEN VALUE rating so the higher the rating the more profitable the selection will be but be aware that higher proven value ratings are will often result in longer losing runs due to the odds being higher.

Can I subscribe to a single service?

No Each service during the profit / loss recording period was previously £29.99 pcm each but to simplify the membership we have now decided to offer all of the services for just £30 pcm which offers our members great value and makes managing subscriptions easier for us. You can switch on / off each alert level in you own members area so can decide which alerts you want and when you want them. So for just £30 pcm you have full unlimited access to the entire system including my own personal selections the Early Alerts. We also have a day and evening service which are priced at just £19.99 pcm.

How many alerts are sent?

You are in control of all the services so just pick the systems and number of alerts that you want , some users myself included just back all the alerts as they come through whenever I have time whilst others will back only a few of the alerts each day or just use the system as a betting tool to aid their own selection process. You can find all the stats including number of tips monthly on our results page.

Multiples or Singles?

We would advise that you back the alerts for 1pt singles or 0.5pt ew bets. The PROVEN VALUE has been calculated using 1pt levels stakes singles. We do have inflated the profits by advising 2 , 5 or 10pt stakes like some services do nor do we advise multiples which can give a false impression to the long term profitability. If you choose to play the odd multiple do it as a fun bet for smaller stakes and always get the requird odds or very close to them on all selections.

Do you guarantee to make a profit?

We can not guarantee that after your first month you will make a profit as profiting from gambling is long term but if you look at our results page you will see that we are very consistent and the likelihood of making a profit is very high. If we fail to make a profit in your first month we will offer you a second month free.

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