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Kingdom of Cats 

Group Exhibition

Onwards Studio
Newcastle, NSW Australia
March 2023

Kingdom of Cats is a group exhibition, presented by FLT Tattoo Studio and curated by Eddy Lou, showcasing the fine art practice of 24 renowned, contemporary Australian tattoo artists.


Panthers, and big cat imagery, are a common motif throughout modern tattoo history, such as the iconic crawling panther. You’ll often see a ceramic big cat when you visit a studio, especially at FLT Tattoo Studio, where the big cats outnumber the artists. This classic iconography will provide continuity through the exhibition, whilst highlighting each artist's unique style. In the Kingdom of Cats, the artists have decorated vintage inspired, ceramic wild cats which will be accompanied by other works in varying mediums to celebrate the iconic status of the big cat in tattooing and the communities we build through that shared imagery.


There is a long tradition of tattooers bridging the gap between the craft of tattooing and fine art, producing exciting work that challenges conventions and has a broad appeal. Tattoos require precise techniques and innovative design to create work that will last the wearer's lifetime and complement an ever-changing body. These skills are rooted in a mastery of design elements and principles, and an understanding of how people use tattoos and art to communicate their identity. This exhibition celebrates the unique perspective of artists who tattoo.


Kingdom of Cats presents a multidisciplinary contemporary exhibition, whilst aligning with Onwards Gallery’s vision, which provides a platform for a diverse range of self-representing artists. This exhibition challenges the perception of tattooing and crafts, showcasing the artist's skill and versatility, and encourages the audience to enjoy viewing our art, as much as we love making it (and also love cats as much as we do).

Photos by Iron Monkey Photography


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