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Make It Made It

Art, Design and Makers Conference

Newcastle, NSW Australia
July 2019

MAKE IT MADE IT Conference, founded, curated and hosted by Brett Piva, is a coming together of creative professionals travel from across the country and abroad to unite in sharing their direction, experience and passion for their craft. The conference is spread over a week of professional talks, maker stalls, masterclasses and collaborative evenings. These evenings offer a way for the community to meet their peers and guest speakers through exhibitions, events and cultural gatherings. The conference also explores a range of alternative ways creatives can view and work in the industry. I was fortunate enough to take part in its fifth year alongside an incredible lineup of artists including, James Dive, Blak Douglas, Will Lynes, Claire Foxton, Gunjun Aylawadi, Jono Everett and Louisa Magrics.

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